Clive’s latest album, Rooted Time, is out now


Summaries of Clive’s most popular albums

  • Rooted Time

    Convivium Records, 2022

    Lock-down collaboration project with George Arthur, performed by Panayotis Archontides & Natalie Tsaldarakis

    Rooted Time
  • Sacred Choral Music

    Convivium Records, 2019

    This debut recording of sacred choral music by the British composer, Clive Osgood, features performances by Excelsis with the London Mozart Players

    Sacred Choral Music


See the table below to view a detailed summary of Clive’s extensive body of work

Canticles in EChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer19998
And now another day is goneChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20013
Kentdale MassChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20018
God be in my headChoralTrebles, OrganContact Composer20012.5
Love divine, all loves excellingChoralSSAATTBBContact Composer20032
Sonatina for bassoon and pianoChamberBassoon, PianoContact Composer20037
Two Wordsworth songsChoralSSA, PianoContact Composer20046
Flute SonataChamberFlute, PianoContact Composer200410
About TimeMusicalJazz EnsembleContact Composer200560
Thou O God, art praised in SionChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20053
Come my way, my truth, my lifeChoralSATB, SopranoUnited Music Publishing20053
Do Not Fear, O SoilChoralSS, OrganContact Composer20062
Missa BrevisChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20069
Woodard ServiceChoralTrebles, OrganContact Composer20066
Cello SonataChamberCello, PianoContact Composer200612
Preces and Responses (set 1) in GChoralSATBContact Composer20078
Three songs 'As you like it'Large ChoralSSAATTBBContact Composer20089
Piano quintetChamberPiano, String QuartetContact Composer20085
Ring out, wild bellsChoralSATB, SATB, OrganContact Composer20093
Stabat MaterLarge ChoralSATB, Strings, PianoContact Composer200930
SonataChamberFlute, Violin, Cello, PianoContact Composer201110
Hymn to the WordChoralChoir, OrchestraUnited Music Publishing20118
Festival CantataLarge ChoralSoprano, Choir, OrchestraContact Composer201110
Chamber Symphony in F minorOrchestralChamber OrchestraContact Composer201210
Miserere MeiChoralSoprano, SSAATTBBUnited Music Publishing20126
The Peace of GodChoralSATB, PianoUnited Music Publishing20122.5
Piano trio in GChamberPiano, Violin, CelloContact Composer201313
Canticles in FChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer201310
Music for AdventLarge ChoralBaritone, SATB, Strings, OboeContact Composer201310
Hymn to the Everlasting GodChoralChoir and OrganContact Composer20136
Waverley MassChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20148
Dixit DominusLarge ChoralSATB, StringsUnited Music Publishing201415
Sounding quiet and loudChamberBrass OctetContact Composer20146
Come the LightChoralSATB, PianoContact Composer20153
Non nobisChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20153
Songs from Three CountiesLarge ChoralSATB, OrchestraContact Composer201515
Cana BossaChoralSATB, Jazz TrioContact Composer20153
Alleluia! A New Work Is Come On handChoralSATB, PianoUnited Music Publishing20163
Everton Wedding MarchSoloOrganContact Composer20162
Sir ChristemasChoralSATBUnited Music Publishing20172
Beatus VirLarge ChoralSoprano, SSAATTBB, StringsUnited Music Publishing20176
Feelings come and feelings goChoralSATB, SATBContact Composer20172
A Midsummer Night's DreamMusic dramaSoli, Chorus, StringsContact Composer201760
Brightest and BestChoralSATB, PianoUnited Music Publishing20183
The Bee CarolChoralSATB, PianoContact Composer20183
Lord for thy tender mercy's sakeChoralSATB, PianoUnited Music Publishing20183
Ave verum corpusChoralSSAATTBBUnited Music Publishing20182.5
Piano quartetChamberPiano, Violin, Viola, CelloContact Composer201820
Let us now praise famous menChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20193
Beggar's OperaMusic dramaChorus, Soli, Strings, HarpsichordContact Composer201985
Coventry CarolChoralSATB, SopranoUnited Music Publishing20192
Piano SonataPianoPianoUnited Music Publishing202011
Songs of SolitudePianoPianoUnited Music Publishing20209
Love came down at ChristmasChoralTrebles, PianoContact Composer20202
Seven Scenes From Alice in WonderlandPianoPianoUnited Music Publishing202015
God of all creationChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer202125
Adam Lay YboundenChoralSATBContact Composer20211.5
Hymn to StrengthChoralSATB, Trebles, PianoContact Composer20223.5
Canticles in G minorChoralSATB, OrganContact Composer20226
Preces and Responses (set 2) in AChoralSATBContact Composer20225
In the sound of songChoralSAB, OrganContact Composer20222.5
We've been a whileChoralSSA, PianoContact Composer20223.5
Mr Willey's busy dayOrchestralConcert BandContact Composer2022
God of Eve, and God of MaryChoralTrebles, PianoContact Composer2022
Hymn to courageChoralTrebles, SATB, OrganContact Composer2022
MagnificatLarge ChoralSATB, OrchestraContact Composer202325

“Turning to the Cana Bossa, the Groom told me that it was ‘spot on’. His mother commented what a beautiful piece it is.”